Speaking Topics

Thank you for your interest in having Jay speak at your professional society meeting. Listed below are the titles and brief descriptions of Jay’s presentations.

Building a Balanced Gift Planning Program

Building a Balanced Gift Planning Program – Part I

With its many tools and variety of donors, it is hard to suggest what constitutes a “balanced” gift planning program. In this two-part presentation, Jay introduces a program model based on the various groups that comprise your donor population. Session I focuses on the traditional annual donor who makes regular, modest gifts and the small business owner/donor. The presentation will provide you with a donor segmentation model; will highlight key program elements for each segment; and will propose marketing messages that can attract and capture your donors’ attention.

 Building a Balanced Gift Planning Program – Part II

This second session focuses on the high net worth (HNW) segment of your donor population. Jay explains how to evaluate your donors’ preferred giving modes and how to recognize and understand the unspoken drivers that will engage your HNW prospects. The presentation explores your donors’ desire for philanthropy planning assistance and illustrates how you can effectively fill that role. By the close of this session, you will be positioned to knit your various donor segments into one cohesive gift planning program.

 The Future of Gift Planning        

Over the past 25 years, the role of the gift planner has experienced a tremendous arc: moving from the position of isolated technician, to being a key player, to serving as a divergent specialist. While gift planning is currently practiced by more individuals that at any time before, there are increasingly fewer full-time gift planner positions. During this session, Jay will detail this trend and its implications for gift planners, all fundraisers, and the charitable organizations they serve. The growing role of for-profit gift planners also will also examined. By the conclusion of this session, you will be aware of new frontiers for gift planning. You will know what today’s practitioners must do to remain relevant and be successful now and in the future.

 Gifts of Assets – Show Your Donors How to “Stuff” It!

Among the largest gifts to charitable organizations, virtually all are made out of donors’ active and passive assets – not their cash. In this session, Jay equips fundraisers with the tools to recognize and seize the opportunity for a conversation with donors about using their “stuff” (non-cash assets of real estate, stock, business sale proceeds, etc.) to make more substantial immediate and deferred gifts. You will discover how to listen for clues that donors are poised for a “wealth event” that will impact their non-cash assets. You will learn conversation prompts to open a productive dialog with donors about using non-cash assets to fulfill their major gift or deferred gift commitments.

 Help Your Donors Experience “Giving on Purpose”

Among the most valuable conversations that fundraising professionals can have with their donors is one that helps them discover the charitable purpose they want to accomplish through their giving. Thoughtful conversations can mean the difference between donors merely continuing a habit of giving or practicing proactive, intentional philanthropy. In this session Jay will explain how you can guide these important conversations that reveal a donor’s philanthropic priorities and will demonstrate a specific process and tools. You will learn how to conduct a Giving Content Analysis, help donors identify their charitable passions, and assist donors in creating a Giving on Purpose personal mission statement.