Steenhuysen Associates

  • We offer a broad range of gift planning and major gift services, including strategy recommendations, donor contact programs, fundraiser training and coaching, and organizational assessment and consulting.
  • We train fundraisers to understand and apply the principles and action steps that motivate philanthropic giving by major donors.
  • We help charities connect with their donors through structured, one-on-one conversations, strengthen and cultivate relationships, capture valuable information, and qualify donors for major and planned gifts.
  • We understand how to discover and prioritize leads and effectively train fundraisers to close gifts.

The Steenhuysen Difference – What sets us apart

  •  Our Gift Planning expertise – Steenhuysen Associates was founded and is operated by a nationally recognized gift planner with significant expertise in donor contact, consulting, and training. Our services are offered exclusively to non-profit and charitable organizations and our programs, conversation prompts, and fulfillment materials are customized to meet each client’s specific objectives and needs.
  • Our listening skills – Based on our extensive donor contact experience for gift planning clients, we know that this work requires exceptional listening skills – not the typical telemarketing talkingGift planning contacts require a longer conversation that our Donor Relationship Managers start and your gift planners finish. We specifically recruit and train our DRMs in the listening skills that yield success in gift planning conversations.
  •  Our experience with idea-based organizations – Most of our clients are idea-based organizations – versus campus-based organizations. Organizations with a physical campus – such as schools, hospitals, performing arts centers, and zoos – utilize proven fundraising techniques that capitalize on donor visits to a campus/physical location. These donors enjoy an immediate experience that links them to the organization in a tangible, memorable way. Nonprofits and charities without a physical campus are idea-based organizations – the organizations and their work exist in the mind of the donor – without the physical anchor to a specific location. The donors’ passion and support for the organization builds as they read about or otherwise experience stories about the organization’s mission and work. We recognize and understand this vital difference and have extensive experience with the unique approaches necessary to engage donors of idea-based organizations.