Donor Contact Programs – Time and Cost Effective

bequest surveyThere are 2,080 hours available in a 52-week year of Monday through Friday “work days.” But this is hardly the amount of time that fundraising staff devote to directly speaking with donors. Many hours are consumed each week by required meetings, professional development, and administrative tasks, as well as leave time. But when organizations use an expert donor contact program to survey qualified leads, fundraising staff are freed to concentrate on the tasks where their skills and expertise are most valuable.This approach is more time-effective and cost-effective than expecting internal staff to do it all.

Our Donor Contact programs help charitable organizations connect with, cultivate, and survey donors interested in major and planned gifts. Our highly trained donor relationship managers (DRMs) engage your donors through meaningful conversations.

  • This is not telemarketing.
  • We do not use a predictive dialer.
  • The line-to-caller ratio is one-to-one, with no dead air, no abandoned calls, no pause when the donor answers.
  • Our DRMs do not ask for immediate gifts – ever!
  • They never lead the discussion toward a pre-determined conclusion.
  • A conversation lasts as long as it lasts.

Our donor relationship managers receive extensive training and coaching in estate planning and bequests to ensure that the contacts they make on behalf of our  clients are personal, professional, sensitive, and a credit to the organizations. Each caller has been trained to meet the standards and ethics of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP), as well as all applicable federal and state regulations.

The goal of each conversation is to listen and build a stronger relationship with your donors. This allows us to capture valuable information about the donor’s work, family, and charitable giving. We discover why your organization is important to individuals, what motivated their first gift, and why they continue to give. With this information, your fundraising staff are well-positioned for effective follow-up contact.