Bequest Survey Program

bequest surveyBequests represent the largest and most important donations that gift planners can bring to their organizations. When known, bequests are gifts that an organization can count on as a future source of realized revenue.

There are many important reasons that charities want bequest donors to notify them of their intended gift. First, of course, is the desire to thank donors and continually demonstrate that your organization’s mission and work is worthy of the anticipated gift.


Thoughtful stewardship of these donors also can maintain and often increase current gifts from bequest donors, promote larger bequests, and help you actively protect against the risk of being removed from a donor’s will.

Bequest commitments (even when donors chose to be recognized as anonymous) demonstrate the donors’ belief that the organization’s mission is important and their confidence that it will continue long into the future. When bequest information and stories are effectively communicated to the wider donor population, it can positively motivate and inspire others to do the same.

Base on our extensive experience, we know that estate planning is a particular and specialized way of giving that requires unique materials that allow us to meet each donor where he/she is at in the process. Our Bequest Survey Program is a customized, high-touch approach that speaks directly with donors and allows them to be heard.

  • We identify and create the right material for the right conversation.
  • We discover donors who want to include charities in their estate planning and listen as they talk about the organizations they’re considering.
  • You receive qualified bequest leads and relevant information about each donor.

With this detailed information in hand, your fundraisers are well-positioned for effective follow-up and cultivation of these qualified leads. Our work enables your staff to make the most productive use of their time and best utilize their talent and training: to persuade qualified donors to make a bequest and provide assistance as donors complete their estate plans.