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Rick Harig, is the founder of Legacy Resources, a financial planning firm specializing in the artful blending of financial and estate design and the challenges of living a legacy and leaving one of significance. He is the Chair of the Chicago branch of TIGER 21, North America’s premier peer-to-peer learning network for high net worth investors. He serves as a senior consultant to Steenhuysen Associates and Gift Strategies.

In 1994, Rick created a new category of wealth advisor called The Legacy Strategist™. This is a professional schooled in the art and science of financial planning, who assists clients in the survey of their lives, and the search for the legacy clues that point to their larger purpose, and the implications for their resources. In his capacity, Rick has served over 85 families in sixteen states assisting them in managing the complexities of wealth and the financial and estate implications for them and their heirs.

Rick also serves as an advisor to charities and their major and planned gifts officers in facilitating more major gifts and larger ones. In his capacity as an Asset Gift expert, he has facilitated over $160M in current and testamentary gifts, most often through gifts of assets rather than cash.