Donor-Centric Training: Informative and Engaging

trainingJay Steenhuysen and Dana Ward have helped numerous national and international nonprofit and charitable organizations more effectively refine and refocus their gift planning, major gift, and marketing programs to meet the needs of donors at all wealth levels. Their consulting work is complemented by their unique expertise in understanding, applying, and teaching the principles and action steps that motivate philanthropic giving. Their training sessions are informative and interactive, equipping participants with the strategies and skills they need to recognize gift opportunities and guide donor conversations on philanthropy to mutually beneficial conclusions.

We offer several signature training programs that are customizable for gift planning staff at nonprofit and charitable organizations.

  • Understanding High Net Worth Donors

Why is it important for fundraisers to understand the unique mindset of their high-net-worth donors? Because these donors have a distinct – and different – view of the world. They don’t make money or manage their lives like your typical donors. Their actual work may have little to do with how they make their money. Their philanthropy is activated in the context of specific wealth events and career transitions that occur at various stages in their lives. This training – part of The Strategic Gifts System – introduces fundraisers to the thinking of this non-traditional donor.

  • Gifts of Assets

This segment of the Strategic Gifts System equips participants with the information and insights they need to identify how high-net- worth donors make, manage, and gift their money. It teaches you how to begin meaningful conversations about financial matters, wealth events, and life changes – strategic topics that previously may have seemed remote or uncomfortable for fundraisers to discuss.

  • Philanthropic Planning

This training program teaches fundraisers how to begin the larger “philanthropy” conversation with donors. It offers donor-centric strategies and provides tools that fundraisers can use to help their donors integrate philanthropy into their estate planning in broader and deeper ways.

  • Charitable Gifts in Estate Planning

This training goes beyond the technical information fundraisers need to know about planned gifts. It helps you recognize your gift planning expertise and tells you how to make sure you have a seat at the table of professionals who are advising your donors.

  • Revealing Bequest Commitments

According to a 2008 research report (The Stelter Company and Selzer & Company), a minority of bequest givers (36%) has alerted nonprofits of their gifts – and some 80% of those donors say the details of their wills are their own business and no one else needs to know.Though many bequest donors prefer to remain anonymous about their bequest intentions, it is important for charities to know as much as possible about this. With new information about bequest intentions, you can inspire and motivate actual and prospective donors. You will effectively demonstrate that many thoughtful and generous people believe in your organization and have taken action to support your mission and work far into the future.