The Donor Strategy Breakthrough System

training donor strategy breakthroughMany nonprofit and charitable organizations have them – a select group of loyal donors who have the ability to make 7-figure gifts. But this significant wealth capacity can intimidate fundraisers and create uncertainty about what the donor’s next step could be and what can be done to inspire the donor to take it. How can you break through to a new level of engagement with these key donors?

The Donor Strategy Breakthrough System is specifically designed to help you successfully engage with these high capacity donors. Dana Ward’s training and consulting services show you how to help donors discover and develop their philanthropy goals and then achieve them through your organization’s mission and work.

This total approach to philanthropy naturally leads to ultimate gifts – legacy-focused bequests that are so prized and needed by your organization.

  • We teach you how to initiate and move forward with donor-centric philanthropy conversations.
  • We leverage the ideas and insights of your colleagues to help you plan new approaches and tactics.
  • We provide critical information about non-cash gift opportunities that are common among people at this wealth level and show you how to identify and discuss them with confidence.
  • We suggest specific strategies for “the ask” and help you practice talking points and key messages in preparation for the conversation with donors.
  • We work with fundraisers in groups and one-to-one to evaluate pipeline progress and recommend next steps.