Philanthropic Planning

training philanthropic planningAmong the most valuable conversations fundraisers can have with donors is one that helps donors discover the charitable purpose they want to accomplish through their giving. Thoughtful conversations that explore peoples’ life experience, world view, values, and passion can mean the difference between them merely continuing a habit of giving as a donor or practicing proactive, intentional philanthropy.

The Philanthropy Planning training provides a clear and natural process to help fundraisers prepare for and successfully guide these important conversations. Participants will learn how to use three planning tools to help advance the conversation:

  • Donor or Philanthropist Assessment– this initial conversation focuses on people’s giving history and helps fundraisers understand whether donors are proactive or reactive in their approach to giving.
  • Giving Content Analysis – this tool gathers information about peoples’ giving history for the past three years and provides important clues about current interests.
  • Identifying Charitable Passions Questionnaire – this tool helps people remember and tell stories about their giving, revealing their emotions and the passions that have brought meaning to their lives.

This process can be learned and practiced, eventually becoming an intuitive approach that fundraisers and donors find mutually beneficial.