The New Case for Revealing Bequest Commitments

training revealing bequest committmentsCharities often find that securing bequest information is a daunting task. But when information about bequest commitments is known, you can leverage it to inspire and motivate actual and prospective donors. You can effectively demonstrate that many thoughtful and generous people believe in your organization and have taken action to support your mission and work far into the future.

You also create significant value for your organization and excitement among donors when you use bequest commitment information in a non-traditional way: not to recognize donors (who often eschew such attention), but to illustrate how people have stepped forward, raised their hands, and said with a bequest gift, “count on me to help ensure the future success and sustainability of your mission.”

Based on our extensive calling experience and original research on behalf of national clients, we know how to connect with donors and learn about their bequest intentions.

  • We know the conversation prompts and printed materials that help donors create or update an estate plan and remember favorite charities in that plan.
  • We know how to ask donors about their intentions and to assure them how important it is to inform a charity of their bequest decision.
  • We  know what specific assurances to make about anonymity, future mailings, and contacts that can allay bequest donors’ most common objections to revealing their intentions. 

The Bequest Reveal training includes the following topics:

  • Helping fundraisers understand the tremendous value that revealed bequests have for the organization (beyond its impact on their performance targets)
  • Specific talking points and conversation prompts that fundraisers can use with confidence to engage donors in meaningful dialog about bequest intentions.
  • A training manual for each participant that captures the training and conversation prompts, etc.
  • Recommendations about how to leverage information about current and newly revealed bequest commitments to promote increased giving among all donors.