The Strategic Gifts System: Gifts of Assets

training gifts of assetsBecause most high net worth donors’ wealth is held in non-liquid assets, they often struggle to bridge the gap between a favorite organization’s mission and their own charitable intent. This segment of The Strategic Gifts System teaches fundraisers how to create a dynamic link between their organization’s mission and their donor’s intent.

The training uses a comprehensive and coordinated curriculum of instruction, wealth advice, case studies, interactive exercises, and tools.


The Strategic Gifts System training helps participants:

  • Adopt a new kind of strategic thinking about major gifts.
  • Help donors develop a philanthropic vision – the match of their interests and an organization’s mission.
  • Recognize the high-net-worth donor’s financial context and how to converse in that context
  • Stop telling and start listening to donors.
  • Stop asking for cash and start asking for complex assets.
  • Reject simple transactions and nurture long-term relationships.
  • Help donors want to make the gift – and help them see how to make the gift.

The training provides opportunities to practice donor conversations and furnishes tools to ensure that fundraisers maintain the practice and new behaviors of The Strategic Gifts System long after the training is concluded. The knowledge, understanding, and skill gained through The Strategic Gifts System training will make fundraisers a trusted and valued resource to their donors and organizations.