The Strategic Gifts System: Understanding HNW Donors

training understanding hnw donorsWhy is it important for fundraisers to understand the unique mindset of their high-net-worth donors? Because these donors have a distinct – and different – view of the world.

· They don’t make money or manage their lives like average donors.
· What they do for work may have little to do with how they make their money.
· Their philanthropy is activated in the context of specific wealth events and life transitions that occur at various stages in their lives.
· They use philanthropy to express their values and want to align with organizations that will help them achieve important personal and social objectives.

The Strategic Gifts System training introduces fundraisers to the thinking of this non-traditional donor. It equips participants with the information and insights they need to identify how high-net-worth donors make, manage, and gift their money. It teaches how to begin meaningful conversations about financial matters, wealth events, and life changes – strategic topics that previously may have seemed remote or uncomfortable to discuss.

Using a comprehensive and coordinated curriculum of instruction, wealth advice, case studies, interactive exercises, and tools, the Strategic Gifts System training helps participants:

  • Understand and become comfortable with the integrated financial world in which high-net- worth families make philanthropic decisions.
  • Invite conversations about a donor’s philanthropic vision.
  • Initiate conversations about complex assets, including how a donor’s wealth was made and how it is held.
  • Use this information to identify gift planning opportunities.
  • Collaborate effectively with gift planning colleagues to explore and close gifts.Understanding